I, Ted Nichols, Collector within and for Christian County, Missouri, hereby give notice as provided in Section 140.170 of the Revised Statues of Missouri: that I shall offer for sale the hereinafter described lots and lands to discharge taxes, interest, and charges which may be due thereon in the State of Missouri, County of Christian, for delinquent taxes on real estate at or near the Christian County Courthouse, Ozark, Missouri, on the fourth Monday in August, the 28th day of August, 2023, commencing at ten o'clock a.m. of said day thereafter until all are offered for sale. Said lots and lands situated in Christian County, Missouri and described in forty acre tract or other legal subdivision, and the lots described by number, aggregate amount of taxes, penalty, interest, and cost each year separately states as follows except for lots and lands with an assessed value of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) or less are posted in the courthouse:

1. All bidders must have a bidding number and be properly registered in the Collector's office.
2. All bidders must be a Missouri resident. If not a Missouri Resident, then an agent must be appointed.
3. Some properties could possibly contain hazardous waste.
4. Some properties may have improvements razed or may have been condemned.
5. Some properties could have liens against them.
6. Redemption period is One Year from date of sale.
7. No interest will be paid on surplus over the tax amount.
8. All bids will be made in a minimum of $100 increments.
9. Purchased property will receive a memorandum of bid today.
10. All other documents will be mailed.

TIME OF SALE: 10:00 A.M.

The Christian County Collector makes no guarantees nor implies any guarantees concerning title, liens or encumbrances on any of the properties offered for sale.